Custom Field on Users of Format User

Added by Rohit Thakral 3 months ago

Hi All

I have a use case to extend the "User" custom field format to be available for "Users" list.

Once this is done, it will allow creation of Organisation charts etc.

Has anyone else considered this/done this?

Any thoughts on how to best do this? Create a patch so that it can be released for Redmine future version or a plugin?


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RE: Custom Field on Users of Format User - Added by Tom Derr 3 months ago

Extending Redmine to add custom fields to the "Users" list is a common customization request, especially when organizations want to build organizational charts or track additional information about users. While Redmine provides custom fields for various objects, including issues and projects, customizing the "Users" list typically requires some additional development work.

Here are a few considerations and approaches you can take to achieve this customization:

1. Plugin Development:
Creating a plugin is often the recommended approach for customizing Redmine because it allows you to keep your custom code separate from the core Redmine codebase. This makes it easier to maintain and update Redmine in the future without losing your customizations.

2. Custom Patch:
If you want a quick solution and don't anticipate the need for ongoing maintenance, you can make a direct code modification by creating a custom patch. However, this approach can be less sustainable, as it may require more effort to maintain your changes when you upgrade Redmine to a new version.

3. Redmine Custom Fields:
Redmine does support custom fields for users, but these custom fields are typically associated with individual user profiles and not the "Users" list. If you need custom fields for the "Users" list, you will likely need to customize Redmine.

4. Third-Party Plugins:
Check if there are any existing Redmine plugins that provide the functionality you need. Sometimes, third-party plugins can save you development time and effort.

RE: Custom Field on Users of Format User - Added by Rohit Thakral 3 months ago

Thanks Tom for the detailed answer.

I may go down the route of plugin development.