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21:57 Redmine Feature #8481 (New): View role permissions
Project Managers can currently add users and assign roles to them, but don't necessarily know all the permissions ass... Matt Wheaton
18:40 Redmine Feature #8479 (Closed): Global default query
It would be helpful to have some way to define a custom default query. Ideas:
a) Design a custom query in Administ...
Matt Wheaton


23:23 Redmine Help: RE: REST API json/xml syntax for updating/creating issues
It's essentially the same thing I'm looking for, I imagine the POST and PUT syntax would be more or less the same.
Matt Wheaton
19:34 Redmine Help: REST API json/xml syntax for updating/creating issues
I'm trying to figure out the syntax for updating an issue via the REST API. In my case, I'm trying to update the cust... Matt Wheaton


17:33 Redmine Feature #3726: Trackers per Role
+1 Matt Wheaton

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