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10:53 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Migration from Sharepoint
Hi Pat,
did you have any luck with your migration? I'm currently facing the same problem and could not find any us...
Daniel Schaarschmidt


09:31 Redmine Plugins: RE: Xapian search plugin
Has anybody managed to get this working on a Windows-based Redmine? I've been trying to get it to work on the Bitnami... Daniel Schaarschmidt


15:47 Redmine Plugins: RE: Default columns plugin
I'm currently using my modified plugin with Redmine 1.2.0 (Windows Server 2003 with Bitnami Redmine Stack) and it's w... Daniel Schaarschmidt


08:07 Redmine Feature #8392: Grant access to particular Wiki page
The secound option should be good enough - it could be similar to the new private issues feature.
The first op...
Daniel Schaarschmidt


09:45 Redmine Plugins: RE: Default columns plugin
Ok, I found a working solution:
If you just want to have it working and don't really need the Query-Filter-Section c...
Daniel Schaarschmidt
08:42 Redmine Feature #6280: Multi-issue PDF export
Does this really belong into just another plugin? Because export to pdf is already a core functionality I belie...
Daniel Schaarschmidt


15:10 Redmine Plugins: RE: Default columns plugin
Luis' workaround <% if User.current.allowed_to_globally?(:filter_issues_option, issues = nil) %> works, if you use {... Daniel Schaarschmidt


09:09 Redmine Defect #8234 (Closed): Roadmap-Summary counts hidden Trackers
Right below the progress bar on the Roadmap-Page I can see counts for open and closed tickets. Although I did choose ... Daniel Schaarschmidt

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