Migration from Sharepoint

Added by Bogus Exception over 12 years ago

I am completely sold on Redmine to manage my software development efforts. We use subversion, but have never tied it to Sharepoint, as we're paying for SP versus a service. That is, I do not have carnal access to it.

I now need to grab all the wiki content I have spent so many hours creating, and put it into the Redmine wiki. I have noticed virtually no discussion about SP migrations, so I'm curious why?

Has anyone actually done this, or is it so difficult that I'm better off taking screenshots?! :)

I appreciate any advice...


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RE: Migration from Sharepoint - Added by Daniel Schaarschmidt about 11 years ago

Hi Pat,

did you have any luck with your migration? I'm currently facing the same problem and could not find any useful information on that topic.

How did you do it?