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16:55 Redmine Plugins: RE: No data to display in plugins
I tried setting the filter "watcher=me" but it did not work.It only works if the user has permission to see all issue... Lara R


16:49 Redmine Defect #28820 (Closed): Unable to install a plugin
I have Redmine 3.3.3 and I have unziped the plugin Users performance into the redmine plugins directory.
Lara R
16:44 Redmine Feature #28819 (New): Issue visibility: issues where custom field=certain value
Is there a possibility that a user can set issue visibility based on the value of a custom field? Lara R
16:38 Redmine Defect #22977: A project member has no access and gets no notification, when being a watcher of the issue
Milan Brabec wrote:
> Well, I see the difference between SEE and BE NOTIFIED, no doubt. What is the expected behavio...
Lara R
16:24 Redmine Plugins: RE: No data to display in plugins
I just need a plugin or patch that let users be able to see issues where the are not the "assigned person", but where... Lara R
16:20 Redmine Plugins: RE: No data to display in plugins
I want to do 2 things:
- Install a plugin from the Redmine website:
I unziped the plugin and copied it in...
Lara R


17:08 Redmine Plugins: RE: No data to display in plugins
viktor lorin wrote:
> okey, thank you.
> its works =)
How did you manage to install a plugin?
I try with the ...
Lara R


10:29 Redmine Help: RE: How apply patch file on windows?
thomase thomase wrote:
> Hello,
> I am having the same kind of issue:
> Bitnami Redmine stack on a win7.
Lara R
10:05 Redmine Feature #8488: Create an 'Involve' mechanism to private issues
Diego Smalinsky wrote:
> Definitely +1.
> Redmine is an excellent piece of software, we've been wanting this Priva...
Lara R
09:59 Redmine Feature #28368: regarding watcher added in private project but not getting notification
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> In Redmine core, the watcher must be a member of the private project in order to be notifie...
Lara R

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