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08:35 Redmine Feature #12032: Collapsible Sidebar
+999999999 Edgars Batna
08:32 Redmine Patch #21808: Make the Sidebar collapsible, stateful
This would be great. 99% of the time noone uses the sidebar here. This means that most of the time it's a waste of sp... Edgars Batna
08:28 Redmine Feature #29034: Option to collapse/expand issue sections
Space savers are definitely welcome. Edgars Batna
08:25 Redmine Defect #28035: Order of versions is not correctly ordered
Versions should be sorted by version. Sorting that runs on invisible criteria is bogus. Edgars Batna


08:30 Redmine Feature #1266: Feature: Allow setting multiple target-milestones
This should be somewhere on the Roadmap, as managing simultaneous maintenance and development teams is currentl...
Edgars Batna


07:19 Redmine Defect #28258 (Closed): Ticket is invisible on other Roadmap, if target version of another project is selected
It is invisible, unless the other project is selected in Impacted Projects.
Roadmaps should show all tickets assi...
Edgars Batna


09:10 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
+100500 Edgars Batna


09:33 Redmine Feature #27882: Relation between versions: versions can bundle other project versions
This is also useful for the team responsible for shipping multiple modules together, whereas the distribution or setu... Edgars Batna
09:26 Redmine Feature #27882 (New): Relation between versions: versions can bundle other project versions
It's about Roadmaps and having an overview about which modules get bundled with which product versions. There's curre... Edgars Batna
09:03 Redmine Feature #9851: Equalize the way how available shared versions are differentiated in target version drop-downs
Make all version fields be presented similarly to the Target Version field (grouped by project name).
Also, take i...
Edgars Batna

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