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17:37 Redmine Defect #13840 (Closed): Style issues by priority position, not id
This probably gets overlooked because people create priorities in the right order the first time, or use themes that ... Rocco Stanzione


16:30 Redmine Feature #7342: Default "Everyone" / "Authenticated Users" group for all users
+1 here. Alternatively it would be helpful to be able to choose a role for the membership of any authed user not expl... Rocco Stanzione


18:52 Redmine Feature #10121: Watchers - Add Group / Role
Duplicates #4511 I think Rocco Stanzione


18:45 Redmine Development: RE: Ability to specify default git branch for repository browser
+1 Rocco Stanzione


18:57 Redmine Patch #7071: plugin settings partial path collision
Surely it's possible to prevent this conflict within Redmine? I've run into this several times and only just now rea... Rocco Stanzione


21:13 Redmine Feature #5708: New Version Status: On Hold
Just kidding, it doesn't. +1 on this one. Rocco Stanzione
21:12 Redmine Feature #5708: New Version Status: On Hold
I think this duplicates #3640 Rocco Stanzione
21:12 Redmine Feature #3640: Freeze / Close Projects
+1 Rocco Stanzione


07:27 Redmine Feature #824: Add "closed_on" issue field (storing time of last closing) & add it as a column and filter on the issue list.
I'm not sure I agree. If I search for issues closed in the last 7 days, I don't think I should need a separate filte... Rocco Stanzione


16:35 Redmine Defect #5935: Add Another file to ticket doesn't work in IE Internet Explorer
For any Googlers coming across this post-fix, it's reported in Chrome too. Rocco Stanzione

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