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Default "Everyone" / "Authenticated Users" group for all users

Added by Anonymous over 13 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Accounts / authentication
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It would be nice to have access to a default "Everyone" group to be able to quickly assign all users to a role on a project.

In the setup I'm using, I have a "Help Desk" project set up that I want all active members to be able to create issues in. I can't give "Add Issue" permissions to the non-member role though, because I don't want non-members of other projects to add issues to those other projects. I've created an "Everyone" group and given that group permissions on the project, however I have to remember to add new users to that group when activating the account.

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Updated by Michael Trausch about 13 years ago

If by "Everyone", you mean "Authenticated Users" (which it seems you do) then I agree 100% -- this would be very useful to have things be private to all but those who possess authentication credentials.

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Updated by Etienne Massip almost 13 years ago

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Updated by Jean-Claude Wippler over 11 years ago


Scenario: lots of users signing up to get access to a specific project. If all new users end up in a group such as "Registered", I could either include the project in that group, or quickly find all the users involved and make them members of that project. Currently, there is no other way to find users than to look at them all, sort on creation date, and figure out which ones were new since last time I looked.

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Updated by Rocco Stanzione about 11 years ago

+1 here. Alternatively it would be helpful to be able to choose a role for the membership of any authed user not explicitly added to a project. I.e. if I don't add Bob to the project, he's implicitly a Viewer until I add his membership explicitly.

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Updated by Daniel Black about 11 years ago

if accounts are created via email, r11522 has a solution for you.

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Updated by Hrobky Hrobky almost 11 years ago


Another approach could be considering non-member not as a implicit role rather then implicit user to whom role could be assigned on per-project basis. Migration/backward compatibility: grant non-member user a non-member role in each project.

(This is essentially the same Rocco Stanzione suggested)

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Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago


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Updated by Vincent Lizzi about 10 years ago


Possibly this could work based on automatic group membership for new users (including self-registered users and LDAP authenticated users). Any group(s) could be set as automatically receiving new users from specific registration methods. Permission on projects can be assigned per group as normal.

Scenario: New users authenticate with one LDAP realm and should automatically belong to a group that grants permission to access a particular project.

Potentially, new users from a different LDAP realm could automatically be assigned to a different group with access to a different particular project.


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