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Allow assigning issues and/or watcher status to authenticated non members

Added by Paul Wilson almost 13 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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This feature request is vaguely similar to #7342 but that issue doesn't particularly fulfill this request.

Our redmine installation is configured to require authentication for access and for manual account activation for self registered accounts.

Since we require authentication for access, most projects on this system are configured as public and the Non member role set to permit view access and edit to forum, issue tracking, wiki, etc. This was done to allow all within the organization to have limited access to all public projects and was working as expected.

But while the majority of the activity within a project is accomplished by the active members of the project team who are all assigned to the project and associated with some role, it is not uncommon for an issue to require action by someone who is not a direct member of the team however, unless a user is actually a member of a project, as Non members they cannot be assigned tasks or designated as watchers.

As a work around, we have an 'Associated' role cloned from the Non member role and an 'Authenticated User' group that includes all (authenticated) users. This Authenticated user group is assigned to every public project with the 'Associated' role but as the number of workflow permutations is a function trackers X roles, a new role requires configuring (and maintaining) an additional workflow for each tracker.

This work around gives us the results we need but it also requires an additional step to ensure each user gets put into the 'Authenticated user' group.

While this work around is more or less acceptable, it would be friendlier if the issue Assignee selection list on the New Issue view and the add watcher list on the update issue view could be sorted and grouped by roles. Or better yet, sorted by roles and have the roles expandable/collapsable! Also, the issue Watcher list on the New Issue view would also be more friendly if it also were a select list as on the update issue view or at least expandable/collapsable as described above.

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