Simon Hürlimann

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09:06 Redmine Defect #4725: Error displaying Project's Settings when repository configured
Still present with version 1.0.0 and rails 2.3.5.
I'm able to fix the problem by replacing the _repository.root_ur...


18:13 Redmine Feature #2563 (Closed): issue tracker should be own tab in project settings
While all the other parameters in the main settings tab are 'real metadata', the trackers list belongs into it's own ...


20:15 Redmine Feature #2558 (New): Assign all new issues to myself
As the main developer for all the projects in my redmine instance, I would like to get all the bugs I file assigned t...
20:11 Redmine Feature #2557 (Closed): Subscribe me as member to all projects
As the main developer of all the projects in my redmine instance, I would like to get added as a member to all new pr...
20:08 Redmine Feature #2556 (New): Add myself as member to all projects I contribute
My use case:
We're three guys working on some projects. Not everybody is involved in every project. But as soon as s...


15:38 Redmine Feature #2523 (Closed): batch-mode for "mass" issue filing
Sometimes I'm on a bug filing spree. On these occasions I like to just file one bug after the other, to record all th...
15:33 Redmine Feature #2522 (Closed): Subject field should get focus in 'New issue' form
I like on-load focus on forms like the 'New issue' form. It makes not using the mouse one step simpler.
15:26 Redmine Feature #2521 (Closed): Allow specifying default categories
I use a set of categories in all my projects. I would like to be able to specify a set of categories that's available...

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