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13:23 Redmine Help: creating multi-line table cells with the more modern redmines - can anyone help?
Familiar with code to create multi-line cells in wiki tables with previously installed redmine version 2.3.0.
With m...


15:30 Redmine Help: creating multi-line cells in a wiki table with redmine 3.4.6 - using redmine 2.3.0 code doe...
One system has a redmine version 2.3.0 with a table in the wiki.
A second system has a more modern redmine version 3...


17:38 Redmine Help: How are documents added to the REDMINE repository?
I would like to add some documents to the repository so that they can be viewed using the Documents tab.
When you ...


16:07 Redmine Open discussion: RE: is it possible to recover deleted issues
Thank you very much.


14:26 Redmine Open discussion: is it possible to recover deleted issues
Is it possible to recover an issue that was deleted?


16:57 Redmine Open discussion: How to create a workflow for a role that cannot Add Issues?
We have Redmine 3.4.6-3.
I have found that when defining a role that if 'Add Issues' is not checked in the Issues Tr...


15:23 Redmine Open discussion: can deleted users be identified after having been deleted?
When users are deleted, there seems no way after the user is deleted to identify the deleted user.
When users are ...


13:00 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Does Redmine have session timeout feature?
Thank you very much.


16:41 Redmine Open discussion: Does Redmine have session timeout feature?
I was wondering if the Redmine product itself has a session timeout feature that can be set by an admin for some peri...


13:10 Redmine Defect #29706: Unable to setup filter for query
mark f wrote:
> We have Redmine 3.4.6.
> When trying to create a custom query, cannot setup a filter for a query.

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