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07:31 Redmine Feature #3234 (New): Specify activity set for each tacker
Currently there are extra activities in PM issues. For example: developing, etc. Moreover activities are sorted in su... Aleksey Ryazhskih


14:20 Redmine Plugins: What set of plugins do you use?
A want to create optimal plugins pack and I want to use community experience. Aleksey Ryazhskih


05:58 Redmine Open discussion: How to organize source inspection with redmine?
I see that as task related tab. Inspection in my understanding inspection contains findings and each finding can cont... Aleksey Ryazhskih


03:00 Redmine Feature #1007: Create project for no administrator user
We have chosen redmine because it works easy with huge amount of small projects. In our organization project manager... Aleksey Ryazhskih


12:23 Redmine Help: RE: Export to PDF works strange with russian symbols
And what is your solution? Aleksey Ryazhskih


05:20 Redmine Help: Export to PDF works strange with russian symbols
I faced with such problem:
russan symbols are rendered wrong in pdf.
How to resolve this...
Aleksey Ryazhskih

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