What set of plugins do you use?

Added by Aleksey Ryazhskih over 13 years ago

A want to create optimal plugins pack and I want to use community experience.

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RE: What set of plugins do you use? - Added by Jason Messmer over 13 years ago

I use the following plug-ins:

  • timesheet
  • system-notification
  • exception-handler

If you decide to do a plug-in pack, please don't forget to include plug-in dependencies (gems,libraries,javascript,other plug-ins, etc...)

RE: What set of plugins do you use? - Added by Eric Davis over 13 years ago

I'm probably a bit biased but these are what I have installed:

  • Budget
  • Bulk Time Entry
  • Customer plugin
  • Embedded
  • Google Analytics plugin
  • Invoice plugin
  • Redmine Question plugin
  • Download Counter
  • Redmine Exception Handler plugin
  • Redmine Graphs plugin
  • Little Stream Software Design plugin
  • Redmine My Widgets plugin
  • Rate Plugin
  • Redmine Schedules plugin
  • Project Scores Plugin
  • Stuff To Do Plugin
  • Timesheet Plugin

I also have a few more under development but they are not public yet.


RE: What set of plugins do you use? - Added by Curtis Stewart over 13 years ago

This is what we have running (and testing).

  • My Calendar (Which is not being hosted anywhere that I can find now. but sure works well).
Next week following an upgrade
  • ezFaq Plugin
  • Redmine Question Plugin (allows us to set up parallel reviews and see who has answered. Color coding is great.)
  • Charts Plugin
  • Stuff To Do Plugin (our PM’s have been hoping for this for multi-project work)
  • Redmine System Notification Plugin
  • Timesheet Plugin (This is especially helpful in finding all of the issues I worked on, even if I am not currently the assigned person).