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16:44 Redmine Feature #2269: Default issue start date should become configurable.
+1 Lars Dornheim
16:38 Redmine Patch #2277: Patch for #2269 (Issue startdate == adddate can be turned on/off)
I updated the patch for the 1.1.0 version and added a German translation.
This patch is really needed for us to cl...
Lars Dornheim


17:20 Redmine Defect #9033 (Closed): German semantic translation mistake
In the the german translation there is a a semantic mistake. The "Update" button under Settings/Repository/Users, whi... Lars Dornheim


03:47 Redmine Feature #8995 (New): Spent time report should be drawn vertical (at least optionally)
If one creates a report on the spent time, especially when selecting a report on a per day basis, every day is a colu... Lars Dornheim


05:57 Redmine Feature #3848: Permission to log time for another user
The last patch did not work for my Redmine 1.1.0.stable.4761, so I adapted it a little bit to work with my Redmine. F... Lars Dornheim
01:12 Redmine Feature #7239: Allow some users to add / edit time entries on behalf of other users
We also need this functionality for some roles. When project members are ill or on holidays and forgot to log t...
Lars Dornheim


11:26 Redmine Feature #8929: Permission to view only your own time logs
I just discovered, that a section "Spend time" for the last 7 days can be added to the "My page", so the above descri... Lars Dornheim
10:33 Redmine Feature #8929 (Closed): Permission to view only your own time logs
The should be the possibiliy to set the role permissions in such a way, that a user of a role can only see its own ti... Lars Dornheim

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