Vasa Maximov

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23:18 Redmine Feature #2636: Feature Request: Wiki ACLs (Access control for individual pages)
I want to be able to give read access for pages only to particular users or roles.


10:11 Redmine Feature #1086: Fine grained permissions
I need to restrict access to some wiki pages only for the team leaders


18:40 Redmine Defect #6410: The watchers list is missing?
Agree: the wachers list is kind of hidden now. There's very little chance to notice it.
Thanks for spotting it for...


10:18 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Indicate unread (or updated) issues
I filled a feature request, if you need such functionality, please discuss:
10:12 Redmine Feature #2677 (New): Show "unread" items in the issue list
Right now, in the issues list, it is not clear which of the issues have been updated since your last logon.
It wou...


11:14 Redmine Open discussion: Indicate unread (or updated) issues
G'day all!
Is it possible to indicate *unread* items in issues list? Like when i'm logged in after some absence an...

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