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11:11 Redmine Patch #9311 (Closed): Updated norwegian translation (no.yml)
I have updated the norwegian locale files as of revision r7455. The old translation file were missing quite a lot of ... Lars Erik Gullerud


15:11 Redmine Feature #9306 (New): Per-tracker issue categories
It would be very useful when defining categories inside a Project if one could select what trackers this category is ... Lars Erik Gullerud


08:02 Redmine Feature #2069: Wiki syntax to link to files in the files-module
+1. We currently need to paste full URLs to the object to get this functionality, but it would reduce maintenance qui... Lars Erik Gullerud


13:05 Redmine Defect #1071: Wiki/News/Documents truncate contents to 64K in MYSQL
As described in #3777 this bug leads to silent loss of data for project users, is there any estimate on what release(... Lars Erik Gullerud


10:52 Redmine Defect #3777 (Closed): Long wiki pages drop text when edited
When editing long wiki pages, text "disappears" from the end of the document. This seems to be caused by the fact tha... Lars Erik Gullerud


14:15 Redmine Feature #736: documents - directories and versions
Having some way to structure the documentation into folders/directories, and optionally even having versioning on the... Lars Erik Gullerud

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