Lars Erik Gullerud

  • IRC nick: Easty
  • Registered on: 2009-02-04
  • Last connection: 2013-01-03


Reported issues: 3


11:11 Redmine Patch #9311 (Closed): Updated norwegian translation (no.yml)
I have updated the norwegian locale files as of revision r7455. The old translation file were missing quite a lot of ...


15:11 Redmine Feature #9306 (New): Per-tracker issue categories
It would be very useful when defining categories inside a Project if one could select what trackers this category is ...


08:02 Redmine Feature #2069: Wiki syntax to link to files in the files-module
+1. We currently need to paste full URLs to the object to get this functionality, but it would reduce maintenance qui...


13:05 Redmine Defect #1071: Wiki/News/Documents truncate contents to 64K in MYSQL
As described in #3777 this bug leads to silent loss of data for project users, is there any estimate on what release(...


10:52 Redmine Defect #3777 (Closed): Long wiki pages drop text when edited
When editing long wiki pages, text "disappears" from the end of the document. This seems to be caused by the fact tha...


14:15 Redmine Feature #736: documents - directories and versions
Having some way to structure the documentation into folders/directories, and optionally even having versioning on the...

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