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Per-tracker issue categories

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It would be very useful when defining categories inside a Project if one could select what trackers this category is valid for (similar to the way one selects what trackers are used in a Project).

Case example:

For our "feature" tracker we only need 3 categories, each assigned to one of three users who will follow up the feature request and do a design for that area. However for "bugs" tracker there are a lot more categories as these are assigned to individual engineers responsible for a given area. Having to see (and be able to select!) all these categories in the "feature" tracker makes our users submit a lot of requests that end up in the wrong place.

Of course we could split every single project into sub-projects and have only one tracker (and one set of categories) in each sub-project, however this is a less than optimal workaround...

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categories ? mmmh...

I was thinking on a similar/same need, for example, if you do a change that a customer needs to beta-test, think about hardware-specific customers

We could have a system like tags, for example to send notifications to the customers that has X-tagged specific hardware to betatest the new change

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It could be made as the plugin below


This is very useful, do not know why redmine does not have this feature.

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