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12:32 Redmine Help: RE: GMail flags all emails as 'promotions' by default
+1 Asif !
I wonder how much needed is this entry for "gmail rules/policy" VS the impact damage, one thing is a "di...
Samuel F. Baggen


00:38 Redmine Help: RE: GMail flags all emails as 'promotions' by default
Having the same problem too, very annoying :/ Samuel F. Baggen


18:50 Redmine Feature #9306: Per-tracker issue categories
categories ? mmmh...
I was thinking on a similar/same need, for example, if you do a change that a customer needs ...
Samuel F. Baggen


18:38 Redmine Feature #2336: Private messages
No plans to implement an Inbox feature in redmine frontend ? humm.... redmine is very well organized for PM, but no i... Samuel F. Baggen
18:29 Redmine Feature #7774: Sub groups or Multi-level groups
I'm very interested on this feature, I don't imagine an organization without subgroups, for example you wan...
Samuel F. Baggen
04:19 Redmine Defect #12519: Redmine in sub-URI gives 404 page not found issue submit and wiki submit
I have (actually) the same issue in DreamHost, I noticed it around one year ago in my first test with redmine but act... Samuel F. Baggen

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