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23:12 Redmine Help: Performance hit on user based filters
We are experiencing performance issues when using user based filters. A simple "Assigned to = << me >>" filter takes ...


12:50 Redmine Help: Owner - assignee (or role) based required custom fields check mechanism
Sometime we need to change some issue's tracker in order make appear some custom fields. We just can't save chan...


13:08 Redmine Help: RE: How to check group membership with ruby code?
Thank you. It worked.
Final Custom Workflow script:...


14:37 Redmine Help: RE: How to check group membership with ruby code?
Hi Kumar,
Thank you very much. This is first time I got a response from redmine forum. And it is a good one!


13:05 Redmine Help: How to check group membership with ruby code?
I'm trying to find a proper syntax of doing such thing below. I want to add each members of a specific group as watch...


14:03 Redmine Feature #4511: Allow adding user groups as watchers for issues
I just need to add groups as watchers like regular user. I tried patches shared in this issue but none of them are ap...


12:36 Redmine Plugins: See/edit own issues without any condition even if it is moved to a private project
We are in trouble to make users see and edit their own issues without any condition. There are too many projects and ...


10:35 Redmine Help: Redirect back previous page after login instead of my/page
I want to make users redirect back to previous page ( mostly main page) after successful login. I couldn't find a pro...


18:50 Redmine Help: "Overwriting existing method" log messages

I have these log messages repeated for once in 5 secs. Is this something to worry or just info logs? I have no...


13:07 Redmine Patch #14318: Watchers Alerted To Changes But Cannot See Issues (potentially)
Can we extend this patch for private projects too?
This patch seems work only on public projects.

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