Mario Lipinski

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10:58 Redmine Feature #31313 (New): Add search/filter to project select box in ticket create/edit form
In the ticket create/edit form I can select a (sub)project. I'd like to be able to enter a string in the select box t...


20:21 Redmine Feature #26200 (New): Improvement of precedes/follows relations in setting start/end dates
We do not use begin end dates much, but we would like to make use of precedes/follows relations for some tickets.


01:16 Redmine Defect #9619 (Closed): Time zone ignored when logging time while editing ticket
When logging time via the links "Log time" on the individual page for time logging, the date field gets filled correc...


00:41 Redmine Feature #7907: Display Issues in a hierarchy (tree)
+1 When sorting the list by parent task and then by due date, the due date sort order is ignored.

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