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11:21 Redmine Defect #31708: Not able to add member to a project
Can you take a look at the production.log and the application server (e.g.: Passenger, Puma, Thin, vs) logs? When you... Doruk Fişek


09:48 Redmine Defect #31708: Not able to add member to a project
The screenshot seems perfectly normal. It says "no data to display" since there aren't any members added to the proje... Doruk Fişek


13:56 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Make an issue read-only
Purvi Desai wrote:
> You should be able to do this using Permission Report in Roles and Permission settings.
I do...
Doruk Fişek


20:55 Redmine Open discussion: Make an issue read-only
Is it possible to close an issue for good, making it read-only? Like we do in projects?
I can restrict the change ...
Doruk Fişek


15:32 Redmine Defect #28576 (Closed): Attachments are added even if validation fails when updating an issue via email
Setting: There's an issue that a required field's empty.
When I try to update the issue via e-mail (but not add va...
Doruk Fişek


16:25 Redmine Feature #11707: Moving comments/files from one issue to another
Mikhail, does your plugin work with Redmine 3.x? At the plugin page it says Redmine 2.x only. Doruk Fişek


18:48 Redmine Feature #1767: Make spent time - & project custom fields configurable/switchable per project
+1 Doruk Fişek


19:38 Redmine Feature #11707 (New): Moving comments/files from one issue to another
Sometimes we need to merge some aspects of an open issue to another. It would be nice if we could move some comments ... Doruk Fişek
17:59 Redmine Feature #11705 (Closed): Project based theme or color selection
It would be nice if you could select a different theme (or a color of that theme) for each project.
One practical ...
Doruk Fişek


18:07 Redmine Feature #11702: Add user/group to multiple projects at once
Sorry for the "big font" paragraph, I hit h1 by accident and can't seem to edit it now :(.
I'd be happy if someone...
Doruk Fişek

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