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17:23 Redmine Feature #2993: 50k users cause problems in project->settings->members screen...
Company I work with has that many people listed in LDAP. This includes people that are not employed directly, but als... Zarooba Rozruba


19:11 Redmine Defect #3087: Revision referring to issues across all projects
Jean-Philippe Lang committed part of the fix through ticket #3376 Zarooba Rozruba


07:56 Redmine Feature #3366: Rename the "Tracker" field to "Severity"
actually, you could still have two trackers.
Support vs Problem
Where support is any help (and has typical prio...
Zarooba Rozruba


18:34 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
I do not mind tags, but they will not be able to replace Categories.
Currently categories have default assignee. ...
Zarooba Rozruba
18:27 Redmine Feature #3366: Rename the "Tracker" field to "Severity"
I don't understand this request. Tracker implies type of work:
* *Bug* - code that is broken, needs fixing. Aka:...
Zarooba Rozruba


04:24 Redmine Defect #3087: Revision referring to issues across all projects
The patch to the file app/views/issues/_changesets.rhtml should be accepted no matter what, after all, the db schema ... Zarooba Rozruba


18:48 Redmine Feature #3326: User defined order of Versions
Or by due date? Zarooba Rozruba
16:59 Redmine Feature #3325 (Closed): Roadmap and Issues without version
We really like a gauge that displays status of tickets per version.
Not all systems have versions, not all tickets...
Zarooba Rozruba
16:46 Redmine Feature #3324 (Closed): Default version of a project
Our shop has multiple web apps, meaning that users do not know what version the app is in production (ie: phase 1 vs ... Zarooba Rozruba
03:25 Redmine Feature #482: Default assignee on each project
This would be great, I have been trying to set up categories in many of projects. Some users try to fill every field... Zarooba Rozruba

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