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23:54 Redmine Feature #34583: Group by parent project
Mary Cox wrote:
> How do I export a list which includes the parent project name, or group by the parent project?
Ali Hamdan


02:34 Redmine Feature #33325 (Resolved): Export spent time report as PDF
A Egan wrote:
> Do we know why this issue is set to resolved? There is no target version set and I can't see any oth...
Ali Hamdan


16:08 Redmine Defect #34032 (Closed): Project settings tab contains two items with the same id
In the project setting tabs the [DOM] have 2 elements with non-unique id #edit_project_1 which are in the _edit.html.... Ali Hamdan


01:47 Redmine Help: RE: Add signature to timelog
Ali Hamdan wrote:
> Is there a way to add signature on the timelog form
It's done the only problem that i have is...
Ali Hamdan
01:37 Redmine Open discussion: RE: PDF Export - Notes Only
Yes but you have to code it inside the redmine lib export folder using rbpdf library. Ali Hamdan
01:35 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Exporting to PDF (images not shown)
What are you trying to accomplish exactly to export the images attached to an issue or your images in a wiki page or ... Ali Hamdan
01:20 Redmine Development: How to render base64 images in the issue_pdf_helper????
I added a binary signature field in database which capture a signature from time_entries form and store it as base64 ... Ali Hamdan


22:06 Redmine Feature #33325 (Resolved): Export spent time report as PDF
Ali Hamdan


22:18 Redmine Help: Add signature to timelog
Is there a way to add signature on the timelog form Ali Hamdan


17:53 Redmine Feature #33375 (Resolved): Send Email Notification for TimeEntry
Resolved i added a new time_entry container:) Thanks Ali Hamdan

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