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14:17 Redmine Feature #27192 (New): Filter on target version uses version_id and not version name
Creating a filter to exclude one particular named version (A token "Next version") causes the filter to use the versi... Steve Diver


16:37 Redmine Feature #1406: Browse through Git branches
Submodules are an important feature of Git, but should not be confused with branches. I would like to see submodule s... Steve Diver


18:56 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Site feedback (0.8.5 Roadmap)
Ahha! thank you for the reply. I posted here in the forums as I did not want to make multiple entries in the various ... Steve Diver
18:06 Redmine Open discussion: Site feedback (0.8.5 Roadmap)
I was just browsing the 0.8.5 roadmap open issues, and noticed that several of them are marked resolved, and the reso... Steve Diver
17:56 Redmine Defect #3536: Case sensitivity in Issue filtering
While the resolution for this issue shows as fixed, the issue is still open in the roadmap. Is this correct? Steve Diver
17:46 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Vote Plugin
I concur, voting for closed issues can be unwanted.
I have just experienced a conflict while replying to an issue....
Steve Diver


15:10 Redmine Feature #1406: Browse through Git branches
Eric Davis wrote:
> Steve Diver wrote:
> > ... we would definitely like to see this officially enter the 0.8.5 poin...
Steve Diver


13:06 Redmine Feature #1406: Browse through Git branches
Thank you Adam for your efforts. We have been waiting with baited breath for this feature to be added for some time, ... Steve Diver


15:33 Redmine Feature #2516: Allow word-wrapping in pre tags in Textile
Paul Rivier wrote:
> Hello,
> As far as I know, "pre" stands for "preserve", or "preformated", that means that ...
Steve Diver
09:54 Redmine Feature #2516: Allow word-wrapping in pre tags in Textile
A very useful feature.
We quite often quote salient information from other forums and live chat, When included be...
Steve Diver

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