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Filter on target version uses version_id and not version name

Added by Steve Diver about 6 years ago.

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Creating a filter to exclude one particular named version (A token "Next version") causes the filter to use the version_id and not the name. If the name is later changed the filter also updates, and therefore removes the exclusion of the desired version.


  1. Create a project with several versions (simulates past versions)
  2. Create issues for the various versions
  3. Create a version that is a placeholder for an as yet unknown version ie "Next version"
  4. Create and save a filter for target version is not "Next Version"
  5. Edit one the the issues so that it is resolved in the "Next Version" (simulates a fix is ready to test)
  6. Test the saved filter excludes this issue.
  7. Simulate the next incremental build by renaming the "Next Version" accordingly (done by script/API or set manually)
  8. Create a new version named "Next Version" (scripted or manual)
  9. Test the saved filter

An example project has been created at the demo instance (subject to link going stale)


The filter to continue to use the named version ie "Next Version"


The renamed (actual) version is now excluded. The new version is not used for exclusion by the filter despite having the same name.

Workflow example

  • Testers report defects and indicate the affected version in a custom field for the purpose.
  • Developer addresses the problem and marks the issue as ready to test in the future build in the target version field.
  • The build script is run, updates the tracker target version by renaming the placeholder "Next Version" to the actual build number, and creates a new placeholder "Next Version".
  • The tester is then able to check the fix in the new version.


Testers that do not check the target version may incorrectly report the problem not fixed. Creating the filter to exclude the next version can help, but with this defect the filter will now exclude the new version, and include the next (future) version. All saved filters become invalid unless updated individually.

Testers may be inexperienced in Redmine (public facing, or new to the project)

The use of version is multiselect is not viable due to the url becoming extremely large and unable to be parsed where there are many versions. (also requires updating with the new actual version)

This problem can be worked around by manually editing each saved filter to point to the correct version, or by only setting issues as ready to test once the new version is known or decided. This however is busywork that can easily be avoided via simple automation renaming the placeholder.


Filter to track by version name and not by version_id, or optionally allow either filter types.


This issue is marked as a feature request, but is also a defect that may require an enhancement.

Defect #26667 appears to be somewhat related.

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