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08:26 Redmine Feature #10121 (New): Watchers - Add Group / Role
When somesone add watcher, he can select user.
When somesone add watcher, he can select user or g...
Sang-jae Shin
07:46 Redmine Feature #7907: Display Issues in a hierarchy (tree)
+1 I want it! Sang-jae Shin
07:37 Redmine Feature #10120 (Closed): Related issues - Auto duplicated setting when issue duplicate
For example,
Issue #1 exist, and someone duplicate #1.
As a result, Issue #2 duplicated #1.
But there is no relate...
Sang-jae Shin
06:45 Redmine Feature #10119 (New): Permission Report - Floating Header
In permission report when I scroll up, report header is disapear.
So, I can't set permission lower part.
Please s...
Sang-jae Shin
06:30 Redmine Help: Multiple assignee
When you need to assign issue to multiple user, how do you solve it?
Assigning to group is solution but, only admi...
Sang-jae Shin
06:18 Redmine Feature #10118 (New): Workflow needs assignee roles allowed
Current workflow is made of:
writer role, trakcer, current issue, new status allowed
Additionaly, I want to mix u...
Sang-jae Shin
05:42 Redmine Feature #10117 (New): 'Permission - Project - Manage Groups' required
Issue assign to group is fine.
But, only administrator can set up group.
So, when someone want to assign issue to g...
Sang-jae Shin

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