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06:09 Redmine Feature #19560 (Closed): Add some option to export only selected issues
When I need to export the issues, sometimes I only want to pick out some of the issues to export.
I know the filter ...
fangzheng (方正)


05:39 Redmine Feature #15409 (New): Is it possible to view History section in pages?
# Imagine that some guy submitted a issue and then developers have discussed it for a long time. That makes the Histo... fangzheng (方正)


07:07 Redmine Defect #12510: Issues PDF export: Spent time/Float-values aren't rounded to 2 digits
Mark. Waiting for solution.
BTW, this issue doesn't occur on CSV.
fangzheng (方正)


10:20 Redmine Defect #12495: Being blocked for spam when attempting to submit a bug
Or, if you need to show a lot of sample URLs, you can try to use... fangzheng (方正)


11:06 Redmine Feature #12453 (Closed): Add "Description" in the issues filter
Sometimes I just remember some keywords but they are in the issue description(or even in the note history), not in th... fangzheng (方正)


11:09 Redmine Defect #12397: Error in Textile conversion of HTTP links, containing russian letters
By the way, when I add some english chars at the end of the url, it works fine. see below:
fangzheng (方正)
10:52 Redmine Feature #12368: attachements should be viewable NOT downloadable for restricted users.
I think this requirement should not be done by redmine platform.
A popular method is, using a flash object to show t...
fangzheng (方正)


11:30 Redmine Defect #12298: Right-click context menu unable to batch/bulk update (IE8)
Yes it's really reproducible.
I tried Compatibility View but it still occurs, so maybe it will also occurs on IE7....
fangzheng (方正)


11:17 Redmine Feature #12312: Raise 60-character limit for document titles
or, is there anywhere in the code can change this limit?
fangzheng (方正)


06:57 Redmine Feature #12295: Multilanguage support for custom fields
although not all project creators would like to translate every custom field. :)
fangzheng (方正)

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