Marcin Gil

  • Registered on: 2008-02-03


Reported issues: 2


04:06 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
An idea similar to private issues is, I think, a private task list - so not to clutter "official" trackers.
Each use...


09:37 Redmine Patch #212: Assign To limited by workflow
There should also be a permission settings that only a user who's
currently assigned to a task (+ some manager) can r...
09:35 Redmine Feature #397: "User Story" Agile concept support
+1 for this.
09:33 Redmine Feature #448: Default user assigned to project
+1 for this.


03:40 Redmine Defect #88 (Closed): New version: Active Record fails when no date is give
When I've tried to create a "new version" for a project without supplying a date I've received this


04:51 Redmine Defect #74: Projects share issue numbers
Would it be possible to use some project_id + number as
If one gets a single number for issue, like #15...


04:43 Redmine Defect #74 (Closed): Projects share issue numbers
I've created two projects within one RedMine installation.
To my surprise when I created a new issue for new project...


08:59 Redmine Feature #303: Remove viewing permissions from roles
Exactly what is needed.
Ie. an external customer could enter an issue that would be further
processed before assignm...

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