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"User Story" Agile concept support

Added by Bruno Fonzi almost 17 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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I think redMine can be easily adopted in an project using an Agile methodology.
Great product. Well done !

The only thing I am really missing is the support of User Stories.

Basically a Story is based on a number of tasks, its tasks and their completion makes a story done. This allows more
people working on a story contemporaneously.

For more information see Xplanner feature:

Developers estimate the effort required to implement the stories.

In XPlanner, stories may be given an estimate before tasks are defined. This can be useful for initial rough estimation
to determine if it's feasible to implement the set of stories requested by the customer.


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+1 for this.

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duplicates #443

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Brad Mace wrote:

duplicates #443

Subtasking is in my opinion only one aspect of user stories. A feature can be related to more than one user story. And a user story must lead to an acceptance test. I'm not sure how to implement this user driven workflow in redmine ...

Here are the links regarding user stories from wikipedia:

The quest for an implemenation of the feature user stories is a good example for the usefulness of user stories. How is it possible to collect all ideas about a feature and improve them together? Something like a condensed form of the comments.

Here's my attempt at user stories about the feature user stories:
  • As a user I want to write down short descriptions of things I want to do with the software.
  • As a user I want to follow the specifications that follow my informal description.
  • As a user I want to define some acceptance test based on the informal description that is used to define a story as solved.
  • As a developer I want to define a list of specifications that should be implemented to solve a user story.
  • As a developer I want to get a clear definition of what is meant with a user story.
  • As a user I want to assign user stories to milestones.
  • As a user or developer I want to get an overwiew over the current user stories and their work status.

So, how can the work on this list be coordinated and implemented in redmine?

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Updated by Aaron Evans about 14 years ago


Great definition of (and stories for) what's needed for user stories.
I'm working on a testing plugin and would really like to integrate it with a user story plugin. i've looked at the ScrumDashboard plugin, but I didn't really like it, and ToDos wouldn't work for me anyway.

Tasks and Tests are the major things needed. They need to be able to associated to Stories and ideally they should be able to be created and manipulated from the story view.

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  • Related to Feature #436: Add agile features (like formerly provided by XPlanner) to Redmine added

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