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10:30 Redmine Patch #21632 (Closed): Updated Estonian translation
Here's an updated version of Estonian localization. No more english (for atleast 3.2.0). John Wilcox


12:30 Redmine Feature #18397 (New): Outline numbering
... John Wilcox
12:24 Redmine Defect #18032: Continued numbered lists (#_) are not working as the textile syntax expects
Textile also specifies starting numbering from specified number like this:
!# Item 1 (ignore the exclamation mark)...
John Wilcox


15:51 Redmine Open discussion: RE: RE: upgrades / and plugin mods
I'm terribly sorry - I downloaded Your fork with the web browser and did not rename redmine_http_auth-master to redmi... John Wilcox
15:08 Redmine Open discussion: RE: upgrades / and plugin mods
Hi Kevin.
I've just downloaded the source from your fork but unfortunately I still get
@uninitialized consta...
John Wilcox


16:30 Redmine Defect #10328: Issue custom field is too narrow in IE 8.0.6001.18702 but OK in Firefox 9.0.1
Here you go. John Wilcox
14:38 Redmine Defect #10328 (Closed): Issue custom field is too narrow in IE 8.0.6001.18702 but OK in Firefox 9.0.1
I have defined a custom field for issues and configured it as a List with about 20 items. The longest Item is 51 char... John Wilcox
13:59 Redmine Defect #10327 (Closed): "Start date" and "due date" fields use incorrect formatting
I have configured Redmine to use locale based formatting for dates but whatever locale I choose those fields are alwa... John Wilcox


23:31 Redmine Feature #10208 (Reopened): Estonian translation
Here is a diff for version 1.4.0. John Wilcox


11:20 Redmine Defect #10134 (Reopened): Case insensitive search is not working with postgres 8.4 and umlauts
#6551 is about search highlighting. My problem is that when searching for "Ämber" no search results are returned at all. John Wilcox

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