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13:50 Redmine Feature #4939: List of tasks filtered as OR and not AND
+1 Jānis Elmeris
13:48 Redmine Feature #1140: Filtering using more than one instance of each field
+1 Jānis Elmeris
13:48 Redmine Feature #10999: Ticket list filter: More flexible filter conditions
+1 Jānis Elmeris
10:08 Redmine Defect #8628: "Related to" reference may yield circular dependency error message
+1 Jānis Elmeris


19:09 Redmine Help: RE: Getting associated revisions to show up...
I've got the same problem. Did you get it solved?
OK, I misread the reply. '*' worked.
Jānis Elmeris
18:57 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineRepositories (#55)
A link to the other GIT installing tutorial. Jānis Elmeris


12:24 Redmine Feature #3694: No way to disable wiki markup
Nope. I do not want it to be formatted as code, monospaced. Just regular text without any special formatting. I would... Jānis Elmeris


15:47 Redmine Patch #18182 (Closed): Latvian translation update
Some new Latvian translations and a few clarified translations (issue relations). Jānis Elmeris


14:00 Redmine Defect #10189: Inline image does not work with spaces in file name
Dicky Hadiyuwono wrote:
> This prove to be crucial with our workflow since Skitch uses space in its output file.
Jānis Elmeris


08:50 Redmine Feature #17641: User-specific setting to enable or disable the display of gravatars
I mean, currently there is an option to disable/enable (gr)avatars on whole Redmine installation. All users either se... Jānis Elmeris

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