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18:52 Redmine Help: RE: PDF files do not auto display
How do I enable preview for PDF or other types?
Thank you
Franco Campanale


16:54 Redmine Help: RE: Authenticated access to static content
The crucial point is Redmine authentication, i.e. only Redmine users (that are a subset of LDAP users) should see som... Franco Campanale


09:17 Redmine Help: RE: Authenticated access to static content
I use apache only as a frontend, with ProxyPass directive.
I would like to use Redmine authentication (that, in turn...
Franco Campanale


11:46 Redmine Help: Authenticated access to static content
Is there a way to publish static html files in a subdirectory of a Redmine application that is subject to Redmine aut... Franco Campanale


17:37 Redmine Help: Issues categories for many projects
How can I create issues categories that are valid for many projects/subprojects?
Do I have to define those in every ...
Franco Campanale
17:26 Redmine Feature #5667 (Closed): Links to Forum topics
It will be convenient if I could put a link to a forum topic or message, like I can do for Wiki page, Issue, Revision... Franco Campanale


17:10 Redmine Open discussion: Active logins
Is there a way to obtain a list of active logins?
Franco Campanale


13:34 Redmine Help: Forum subscribing
Is there a way to authomatically subscribe to all new forums/topics?
Or, alternatively, is there a way for an admini...
Franco Campanale


15:25 Redmine Help: Report issues for a version with a per-user view
I would like to have a report of what is happening in a version in terms of time estimated and residual time to spend... Franco Campanale
09:56 Redmine Feature #833: Who's online
I would like to know which users are online before shutting down the system for maintenance.
Are there any news?...
Franco Campanale

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