PDF files do not auto display

Added by Adam Balgach over 5 years ago

I recently upgraded from 2.6.0-1 to vanilla 3.4.3-1 without issues. When users try and click on PDF files attached to tickets, it brings you to the preview page and says "no preview available" and says "Download the file instead"

in prior versions of redmine it would automatically download the file and display it in the browser, how do i either:

  • enable previews for PDF files so users don't have to download the files
  • make the files download by default and display in the browswer

if you click on the download icon next to the filename it works as expected -

[click on the file]

[click on the download icon]

i noticed the difference between the two links (the download button sends you to "...attachments/download/...." which is what i'd like for all of them, OR somehow get the preview for PDFs working.


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RE: PDF files do not auto display - Added by Franco Campanale over 5 years ago

How do I enable preview for PDF or other types?

Thank you

RE: PDF files do not auto display - Added by Anonymous over 5 years ago

For preview it is a good idea to install the lightbox plugin: