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16:06 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
Used tags (or Custom Fields) with Bugzilla for years. And, honestly - this is one and only feature I had in Bugzi...
Maciej Maczynski


09:20 Redmine Feature #3035: Reminder at start-date
+1 Maciej Maczynski


09:35 Redmine Defect #11679: CVS pserver : missing size, revision, author and comment
Could you please put the patch right here? Call me stupid, but I cannot find actual code under bitnami link you've qu... Maciej Maczynski


13:44 Redmine Feature #11212: save sender email to issue when mail import and unknown_user=accept no_permission_check=1
I had the same problem, and I patched Redmine as follows:
File: redmine/app/models/mail_handler.rb
In the metho...
Maciej Maczynski


13:37 Redmine Defect #2134: CVS does not handle aliases
Any news about this issue during last 4 years?
I've observed this problem as well with Redmine 1.3.0.
Maciej Maczynski


12:10 Redmine Feature #2850: Add next/previous navigation to issue
Solved: you have to apply changes from r8150.
Maciej Maczynski


11:45 Redmine Feature #2850: Add next/previous navigation to issue
I have exactly same problem: after applying those changes I cannot delete issues any more.
I did not report it so fa...
Maciej Maczynski


22:39 Redmine Feature #2850: Add next/previous navigation to issue
Yes you're right - it was necessary. But one more change was needed:
In r8488, show.html.erb line 42 is:
@<td cl...
Maciej Maczynski


22:33 Redmine Feature #2850: Add next/previous navigation to issue
I applied changes from r8488 over 1.3.0 installation (installed from tarball) hoping it would be enough to change onl... Maciej Maczynski

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