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10:14 Redmine Feature #9962 (New): csv view should display as a HTML table
If you attached a csv file to an issue / wiki page it would be cool if when you viewed the file it displayed as a HTM... Anthony Gerrard


11:06 Redmine Feature #4267: <code> block improvements
Generally +1
> For me, the inability to cut and paste code without the line numbers is a deal-breaker.
+10 on t...
Anthony Gerrard


17:33 Redmine Feature #7697 (Closed): Extend watchers functionality of wiki and forums to be like issues
For issues you have privileges that enable users to:
* add other users as watchers "Add watchers"
* remove other us...
Anthony Gerrard


12:50 Redmine Feature #1629: Public User Profile
+1 for having a personal wiki page for a user Anthony Gerrard


18:04 Redmine Feature #3600: Allow blank / empty filter values for all issue fields
OK. As Ewan says point 1 can be solved by selecting "none" from the first drop down for version. I hadn't spotted th... Anthony Gerrard


15:22 Redmine Feature #3395: add ability to filter on blank start and end, etc. date fields in Issues panel
Added issue #3600 as the more generic requirement of this one Anthony Gerrard
15:21 Redmine Feature #3600 (Closed): Allow blank / empty filter values for all issue fields
1. I'd like to be able to add a query for all issues not currently assigned a version. I can do this only...
Anthony Gerrard


11:08 Redmine Feature #3258 (New): Link to custom query from wiki
Add the ability to link to a custom query from the wiki (and other wiki like fields)
h2. Syntax
query:[query id...
Anthony Gerrard

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