Nipun Tharuka

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09:28 Redmine Defect #37054 (Closed): How to redmine user activites in log files
Hi. I'm a newbie to Redmine. My issue is, when a user delete a comment, it's not showing that particular user deleted...


15:13 Redmine Help: Spent Time grouping by User groups
Hi. Is there any way that I can group spent time by user groups? User groups are created in the Redmine administratio...


07:38 Redmine Feature #29894: View watchers on the issue list
How to add the patch to Redmine? I'm getting these errors. I'm using Redmine from Bitanmi.
07:34 Redmine Feature #34700: Allow to use watch_by filter in the global issues list
Can you kindly tell me how to do a patch to redmine. I'm using Redmine on Bitnami.

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