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09:57 Redmine Help: RE: Sending emails from a Redmine Plugin
Even I am working on a mailing feature for a plugin and curious on how things will work for Redmine 2.0.x Help would ... Nitish Upreti


17:52 Redmine Patch #11299: redmine:plugins:migrate should update db/schema.rb
Even I just noticed it, This should be fixed ASAP.
@Jean Any idea how to make a clone of development database into y...
Nitish Upreti


11:17 Redmine Plugins: User Model patch works only for a few requests
I needed to patch my plugin in order to add a new 'has_many' relation for User Model. It works for a while after I st... Nitish Upreti


21:18 Redmine Plugins: RE: Testing plugins in Redmine2.0
For tests, I could only see -->
rake test:coverage # Measures test coverage
rake test:r...
Nitish Upreti
14:14 Redmine Plugins: RE: Testing plugins in Redmine2.0
You can see available rake tasks with 'rake -T', there are no such rake tasks present for testing plugins!
Nitish Upreti


21:07 Redmine Plugins: Testing plugins in Redmine2.0
I am having problem running tests for an old plugin of mine which I would like to refactor for Redmine2.0.
Running ...
Nitish Upreti


17:55 Redmine Plugins: RE: redmine_mylyn_connector (for Redmine 2.0)
From what I have been scouting, I found your using older ' map.with_options ' in config/routes.rb, isn't this the old... Nitish Upreti


19:07 Redmine Help: Plugin with a gem dependency?
What if we have a plugin which needs a specific gem to work?
I need to have a Background process to be running with ...
Nitish Upreti
16:29 Redmine Open discussion: Query and QueryColoumn Model overview
Can anyone provide me with an overiview of Query and QueryColoumn models?
What are the use of these models if we s...
Nitish Upreti
15:33 Redmine Defect #9588 (Resolved): Text fields used for data entry should trim whitespace.
Here is the patch. Trimming the whitespace beforing checking with the database. Nitish Upreti

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