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redmine:plugins:migrate should update db/schema.rb

Added by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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I don't know if it's actually a defect or if it's intentional, but redmine:plugins:migrate task doesn't invoke db:schema:dump, hence it does not update the db/schema.rb file. It causes at least unintuitive behaviour when cloning the database structure or when testing plugins for instance, as the test task invokes active_record's db:schema:load and it might not be up to date.

Any opinion about this ? Can someone think about this as intentional and why ? If not I can commit this later.

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Revision 10134
Added by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 9 years ago

Invoke db:schema:dump after plugin migrations so that db/schema.rb stays up-to-date


#1 Updated by Nitish Upreti over 9 years ago

Even I just noticed it, This should be fixed ASAP.
@Jean Any idea how to make a clone of development database into your test database with all migrations already running and schema dump being inaccurate?

#2 Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 9 years ago

You can manually trigger a db:schema:dump:

RAILS_ENV=development rake db:schema:dump
RAILS_ENV=test rake db:reset db:schema:load

#3 Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 9 years ago

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Added in r10134 (sorry I forgot the id of the ticket :/).

Jean-Philippe, Toshi, or Etienne: I let you merge that in a stable branch when you think it's appropriate.

#4 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

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#5 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 9 years ago

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Merged in 2.0-stable.

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