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13:30 Redmine Feature #37536: Additonal (or user defided) date formats
Extending the @DATE_FORMATS@ table in @settings.rb@ seems to be feasable for a local change.
Is it possible to exten...


15:48 Redmine Feature #37536 (New): Additonal (or user defided) date formats
The configuration page allows for a limited list of pre-defined date formats.
I would like to use a date format like...


12:09 Redmine Defect #36592 (Closed): Import hangs when "related to" issue could not be created
When importing issues and specifiny a "related to" relationship, the import hangs when the issue refered could not be...


10:21 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Show Description in Issues Table?
I am facing the same issue. I also would like to having the description as a regular column in the issue list.


07:14 Redmine Help: Custom field format for "project" and "version"
There is a custom field format for Version.
But as far as I understand, that is limited within a project.
I coul...

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