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15:08 Redmine Patch #1997: Filtering by watcher and any personnel - patch
It is not working for 2.1.2 . :( Dani Leni


17:14 Redmine Feature #4939: List of tasks filtered as OR and not AND
Need Assignee or Watcher.
Dani Leni


12:21 Redmine Feature #9197: Allow more than one parent issue for a single issue
We could really use this.
We are usign Redmine for game development project.
And here is specific example:
Dani Leni


13:10 Redmine Feature #9265: Allow an issue to have multiple parent issues
Etienne Massip wrote:
> Closed as duplicate of #9197.
> Your first example sounds like a blocking relationship ...
Dani Leni


23:31 Redmine Feature #1624: Issue merging
I still want to see this.
Now we have to move all files and transfter time spend, but we can not transfer commen...
Dani Leni
15:56 Redmine Feature #9197: Allow more than one parent issue for a single issue
This is needed...
Dani Leni


18:04 Redmine Feature #1326: Add / edit an attachment description after upload
This would be handy. Sometimes you need to edit description.
Dani Leni


18:27 Redmine Help: Editing estimate time for multiple issues
Is that possible?
I really need it.
I did search forums and google but did not find annthing related, question ...
Dani Leni


20:43 Redmine Defect #6579: Tree hierachy being currupted on multiple submissions of an issue
"Parent task translation missing: en, activerecord, errors, models, issue, attributes, parent_issue_id, not_a_valid_p... Dani Leni


13:49 Redmine Feature #1278: Creating global (default) categories.
Really frustrating to write same issues all over again for different projects.
Dani Leni

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