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Creating global (default) categories.

Added by Yanoksy Durañona Yero almost 16 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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It would be great if Categories could be created globally for all projects besides for each project independently. In my case I have too many project where almost all of them features the same categories and it is kinda tiresome creating categories for each project.

Redmine is the Best!!!


Custom-Global.jpg (47.5 KB) Custom-Global.jpg Tomasz Janicki, 2018-02-12 14:29

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Updated by Mark Hagers almost 16 years ago

This feature is very high on our wish list as well. Specifically it would be nice to be able to use categories in a sub project that are defined in the parent project.
We work with a long running project and we create weekly builds. Each weekly build is managed in a sub project, and it's rather tedious to recreate the categories for every sub project. being able to create them once in the parent project (or indeed globally) would be much more convenient.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 15 years ago

  • Target version deleted (0.8)
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Updated by Jens Berlips about 15 years ago

+1. We are using maybe roughly 20 categories, they are really a pain to input in each project.

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Updated by pasquale [:dedalus] over 14 years ago

+1: it is necessary

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Updated by Rolf Henrich about 14 years ago

Me too!!! - Seems to be a duplicate of #2521

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Updated by Marton Danoczy over 13 years ago

Bump - this feature is really important to me, too...

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Updated by David Raison over 13 years ago


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Updated by Mischa The Evil over 13 years ago

  • Subject changed from Creating global categories. to Creating global (default) categories.
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Updated by Anonymous over 13 years ago


Does this already have a target version?

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Updated by Pedro Almeida about 13 years ago


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Updated by Roman Yeryomin over 12 years ago

+100 for this

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Updated by Nick Nguyen over 12 years ago

This would save so much time! we have new projects entered weekly. Updating the categories when they are the same for each project is very time consuming.

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Updated by Sridhar P over 12 years ago

I would like to work on this. Is it okay to use the existing issue_categories table with project_id set to 0 for the global categories? Or is there a better approach?

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Updated by Dani Leni almost 12 years ago


Really frustrating to write same issues all over again for different projects.

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Updated by Anatol Bollinger almost 12 years ago


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Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago


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Updated by Youngseon Kim over 11 years ago

+1 Bump!!

I wish this feature.

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Updated by Luc Luc over 11 years ago


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Updated by Artur M over 11 years ago

Me too!

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Updated by Benjamin Jeanjean about 11 years ago

+1 ! Would be so helpful !

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Updated by Dan Mick almost 11 years ago

Honestly I was confused and shocked to find that the default was not "superprojects can filter on all subprojects' categories"; I don't even understand a data model where that's not obviously true. Please consider this; the usage as it stands is just weird for subprojects (the category appears in issue lists but cannot be used as a search filter....guh..?...)

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Updated by Robin Lutz over 10 years ago

I was so happy when I found the issue categories. They are perfect to mark issues for meetings. But today, when I tried to filter for my categories, I had to find out, that you cannot filter over several projects. I guess my understanding of using issue categories are totally different from the programmer's.

The filter should search for the tag name in subprojects and not the tag id. With this method, you could make global categories by adding the same category to every project.

Dan Mick, I feel with you.


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Updated by Miodrag Milic about 10 years ago


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Updated by André Bachmann almost 9 years ago

As a workaround, you can use a script in your favorite scripting language which creates the issue categories as requested using the REST API. I'm currently doing this because I also missed a feature like default categories for all projects.

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Updated by Frank Paaske about 8 years ago

I completely agree, this would be a great feature!


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Updated by Vlad Vor about 8 years ago


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Updated by Mischa The Evil almost 7 years ago

  • Related to Feature #6794: Global and inheritable Categories added
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Updated by Mischa The Evil almost 7 years ago

  • Has duplicate Feature #26327: Redmine Should have Defeult Categories for Project trackers. See description. added
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Updated by Alessandro Zucchi over 6 years ago


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Updated by Tomasz Janicki about 6 years ago

Today's finding.

For those who need to report time (or simply filter) using a global ID (aka. Global Category), please use Custom Fields, either on Issues or Project and they have be of List type. As attached.

If used on issues then "Projects -> For all projects" needs to be selected !

List can only be maintained by the Admin though

It is related to this discussion

With Regards

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Updated by Christophe Portier over 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips TJ.
However this workaround does not allow automatic assignment of tickets depending of the category.

+1 with the global (default) categories (or with the sharing with subprojects - see #5358)!


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