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19:22 Redmine Feature #1006: Display thumbnails of attached images
Why did you change the category to Wiki? This issue is about thumbnails of attachments in issues, not on the wiki. Andrew Ness


22:32 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
I would really like this to be implemented. I just came back from vacation and a couple of issues were unexpectedly ... Andrew Ness


23:15 Redmine Feature #3151 (Closed): Ability to edit file descriptions after they have been uploaded
It would be useful to be able to edit descriptions of files after they have been uploaded.
Currently you have to d...
Andrew Ness


18:50 Redmine Feature #3050 (New): Deleted files should be displayed with strike-through on the history note in which they were added
If you add a file and later delete it, you will have a history item showing that the file was added and then later an... Andrew Ness


02:53 Redmine Feature #1825: Quoting posts
This would be great - I have users quoting eachother with pre tags etc and it gets quite messy. Andrew Ness


22:40 Redmine Defect #1056: Cannot select non-contiguous issues on Mac OS X
I don't normally access Redmine from Windows machines, but I tested that out and it is a handy feature...OS X support... Andrew Ness


23:30 Redmine Defect #1056: Cannot select non-contiguous issues on Mac OS X
Where are you experiencing this? Normally on OS X you use Command+Click to select multiple items - it is the equivale... Andrew Ness


00:23 Redmine Feature #1006 (Closed): Display thumbnails of attached images
It would be nice to display a thumbnail of images that are attached to an issue. If you click the thumbnail you woul... Andrew Ness
00:21 Redmine Feature #1005 (Closed): Add the addition/removal/change of related issues to the history
I can't find any trace of when someone adds, removes, or changes an issue relation. So if I add a relation between t... Andrew Ness

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