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21:03 Redmine Feature #20585: Full Dependency Scheduling for effective Project management
Would by great to have also Start-to-Start relation Eugen Morjolic


00:37 Redmine Feature #2665: Filter on sub projects target version within the main project
We are using version 4.1 and Target version list only versions from selected project and not from child projects
Is ...
Eugen Morjolic


02:24 Redmine Patch #21808: Make the Sidebar collapsible, stateful
+1 Eugen Morjolic


08:51 Redmine Feature #18618: watch users by managers
The use of this feature is that a manager need to be aware of all issues assigned to users from his team, so adding i... Eugen Morjolic


09:40 Redmine Feature #18677 (New): Planning module
It would be nice to have the possibility to do the planning in Redmine, something similar with Easy Redmine
For exam...
Eugen Morjolic


17:24 Redmine Feature #18619 (New): Email reminder if no issue updated in last x days
It would be nice to have the possibility to notify users via that have no update on assigned issues on last x days
Eugen Morjolic
17:22 Redmine Feature #18618 (New): watch users by managers
It would be nice to have to possibility to assign users to a manager.
Every time a user is assignee to a issue his m...
Eugen Morjolic

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