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09:50 Redmine Feature #14842 (Closed): Adding a date filter on issues' summary pages
On pages like, there are so many useful data of the issues. But... Cliff Peng
09:25 Redmine Feature #14841 (New): Also dump History information while exporting issues as CSV or PDF file.
On pages like we can dump many fields' contents, even including the de... Cliff Peng


06:52 Redmine Help: RE: email configuration
I met with the same problem while trying to send the test mail.
On web page:...
Cliff Peng


04:20 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Thin server on Windows?
It seems the development of mongrel had been merged into Thin.
And the usage here of mongrel failed on my windows ...
Cliff Peng


10:22 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 2.0 as a Windows service
Hi Paul, we are waiting for the wiki of your solution. Cliff Peng

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