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16:26 Redmine Feature #6787 (New): Backup files from "Documents" tab
I think it would be extremely useful if users (or admins at least) could backup the files that they upload to the doc...
16:06 Redmine Feature #3866: Central Plugin Directory
How do you go to the next page of plugins? I can do it by changing the URL past "=1", but it seems like there should ...


02:20 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Derivatives of Redmine and GPL license?
nevermind, got it figured out....


04:11 Redmine Open discussion: Derivatives of Redmine and GPL license?
I had a question for everyone regarding licensing of Redmine. I came across a great site, BetterMeans.com or https://...


18:14 Redmine Feature #6720 (Closed): Post replies to forum threads through email
It would be very useful if when a user receives an email regarding a new message or reply on a forum, that they could...


09:27 Redmine Development: RE: Merging Files & Documents
+1 - great to see this being discussed!
should note it was brought up here too, for reference - http://www.redmine...


03:31 Redmine Defect #5985: Only hold one role at a time in a project
related to #4814
03:29 Redmine Defect #5985 (Closed): Only hold one role at a time in a project
I've noticed many users will assign themselves and others to multiple roles when they setup a project. It would be us...


23:09 Redmine Wiki edit: Who (#4)
22:40 Redmine Feature #5872: Deeper integration of help topics
haha, okay. Any thoughts on integrating this or the difficulty of it?

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