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Deeper integration of help topics

Added by Michael Koch almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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One feature that I've gotten requests for is that 'Help' topics be integrated into certain areas of Redmine. For example, when in 'Settings' of a project, under 'Modules', there would be a small link next to each Module explaining what it does. It would act in a similar fashion to the 'Text formatting: Help' link that is at the upper right corner of the text box when creating an issue.

Such links could be placed in a similar fashion throughout Redmine to guide new users as they become familiar with this site. They would need to be non-intrusive so as not to annoy regular users who have no need for them, but still be useful to new users.

I'm not sure how to go about this, but I believe this would be useful as it would avoid the need for users to dig thru the actual Redmine site finding the answer to their problem, as well as make for greater adoption of the platform.

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Updated by saturntechweb saturntechweb almost 14 years ago

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Updated by Michael Koch almost 14 years ago

So this has been done? Can you direct me to where or which issue accomplishes this?

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Updated by Felix Schäfer almost 14 years ago

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It more seems like someone testing here rather than on, sorry.

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Updated by Michael Koch almost 14 years ago

haha, okay. Any thoughts on integrating this or the difficulty of it?

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Updated by Felix Schäfer almost 14 years ago

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More help is definitely a good idea, but I can't say anything about either complexity (depends on the intended scope) or when we will come around to it, sorry.


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