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04:02 Redmine Feature #28094 (Closed): Kotlin code highlight support
Kotlin usage is growing recently and I have quite a few projects in this language already, so I'd love to see my @.kt... Bruno Medeiros


09:23 Redmine Feature #22297: Group by custom field of type text
This seems to work already, at least in Planio hosted version. Maybe they contribute with a patch if that's the case.... Bruno Medeiros


22:48 Redmine Patch #23546: Issue visibility "watched by, created by or assigned to" for roles
You may be interested in "my last comment on #8488":/issues/8488#note-166 about this patch. Bruno Medeiros
22:34 Redmine Feature #8488: Create an 'Involve' mechanism to private issues
Jan from Planio wrote:
> So, we've implemented this based on watchers for Planio and it seems that users...
Bruno Medeiros


18:19 Redmine Help: RE: unable to browse SVN, redmine auth is failing
On Ubuntu Apache 2.4 I created the link like this:... Bruno Medeiros


17:05 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Passthrough Authentication or SSO
Just setup this:
This post (of mine) may help:
Bruno Medeiros
17:04 Redmine Plugins: RE: Single Sign On (SSO) - Is any Mircrosoft Active directory plugin available?
Yes, there is:
This post (of mine) may help:
Bruno Medeiros


21:31 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Migrate a project from a Redmine instance to another
I did something similar here:
Bruno Medeiros


21:03 Redmine Help: RE: Locking users via the REST API
I took a look in the links above, but could realize how should I lock an user. Could someone explain it? Bruno Medeiros


02:53 Redmine Feature #7412: Add an issue visibility level to each role
Tory Wolf wrote:
> I think it would be great to add new option in the role settings:
> * group => only issues i...
Bruno Medeiros

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