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16:22 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine RE plugin
If someone updates this plugin to work in the following environment I will pay for it.
Redmine ver...


21:09 Redmine Feature #36295: Tracker based field ordering.
Tracker Editor page is good home for this Feature?
21:03 Redmine Feature #36295 (New): Tracker based field ordering.
Currently you can define only order of custom fields only. Standard fields are non sortable and always top of list.


07:20 Redmine Feature #30978: Issue rating plugin ?


00:21 Redmine Feature #20595: Hierarchical Numbering on headers
Below is more complicated version. headers and items are together....
23:55 Redmine Feature #25719 (New): Defining the which role/permission propagate to sub projects
Redmine has Inherit permissions from parent project feature but I don't want to propagate all role settings to the su...


10:23 Redmine Feature #21618 (Closed): Seperation of delete with physical delete
In my opinion, there is need seperation delete issue and physical deletion of issue.
Administrator should se...


18:38 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
+1 You must think all system if you want to do minor improvement on a project. It's very tiring.


19:22 Redmine Feature #13536: Other avatar sources
+1 for Avatars from LDAP-Source


20:33 Redmine Feature #1248: New Permission: Edit own issues
Leo Hourvitz's *edit_own_new_issues* is good idea.
*edit_own_issues* is topic of this issue.
*edit assigned issues*...

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