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15:06 Redmine Feature #408: Assign a task to multiple users
The original request actually sounds a lot like what the Stuff To Do plugin provides (or would if it worked right for... Brad Mace


17:01 Redmine Feature #408: Assign a task to multiple users
It appears part of the divide here is caused by people trying to use the issue tracker for things that are not issues... Brad Mace


21:41 Redmine Feature #408: Assign a task to multiple users
If you need to get input I recommend the Question plugin ([[PluginQuestion]]) . It allows you to request someone's i... Brad Mace


15:26 Redmine Defect #2996: Assigning issue to user should update status
I was assuming you'd only be able to pick one status to be 'Set when assigned'. At the moment I can't think of any s... Brad Mace


23:10 Redmine Feature #1087: Commenting system on wiki
This could be a good way to allow brainstorming/peer review within redmine. What I envision is more analagous to a C... Brad Mace
22:57 Redmine Feature #3528 (New): Improve wikitext snippets
I'm talking about how you see a little bit of a project overview on the projects page, or a partial comment on the ac... Brad Mace
22:48 Redmine Feature #397: "User Story" Agile concept support
duplicates #443 Brad Mace
21:57 Redmine Feature #3526 (New): Custom fields for files
I'd like to be able to add custom fields to files, so I can track things like Platform or Production vs Development r... Brad Mace
21:42 Redmine Feature #2443: Reciprocal relationships for Blocks and Precedes
(you should consider installing the voting plugin)
Brad Mace
21:19 Redmine Feature #2561: Correlate workflow with Issue complete percentage
In some cases it might be legitimate for an issue to be closed and 0% done. Maybe for a "won't fix" resolution. You... Brad Mace

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