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11:42 Redmine Help: RE: Filter ONLY subproject issues
Feature opened 13 years ago... I encounter the same issue
Nat D
11:41 Redmine Feature #3952: Filtering by subproject still shows current project's issues
As manager of multiple projects monitored by my business unit (having its project parent of mines), I would like ...
Nat D
11:29 Redmine Help: RE: Bug or not? Filtering issues: only from specified sub project
Sorry, already discussed/treated in Nat D
11:23 Redmine Help: Filtering issues: only from specified sub project
In a project named "A", having sub projects "01","02" and "03" , I try to filter all issues in the projects "A>02" an... Nat D


11:59 Redmine Help: Time tracking: Logging time via commit messages : syntax
After a bunch of syntax tests on my Redmine 5.0.4 and SCM (Git), I successfully manage to get spent time reco...
Nat D


12:01 Redmine Open discussion: Custom displayed fields on "related issues" lines
I haven't found any information about a way to customize the dispaly of "related issues" table/lines in an ...
Nat D

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